Thrift Store Has a New Partnership

The Project Safe Thrift Store has a new partnership with Atlanta Recycling Company, LLC (ARC). ( Thanks to Joe Dunlop and Suki Janssen from the Clarke County Solid Waste Division, as well as the members of the Solid Waste Dept.’s Sustainable Industries Roundtable group, Project Safe was introduced to ARC for help with the sustainable disposal of items the store is unable to sell. Single shoes, soiled textiles, broken toys and other items past repair are now collected by ARC for recycling and reuse.

In our first month of working with ARC, the Project Safe Thrift Store has diverted approximately 5,750 pounds of material from the local landfill! As we continue to refine our collection system, we anticipate an even greater return on our landfill diversion efforts!

Thanks are due to Joe Dunlop, ACC Landfill’s Commercial Recycling Manager; Suki Janssen, ACC Landfill Solid Waste Manager, as well as Allan Goldberg and Chris Childers from ARC for helping us set this incredible program in place.