Our Services

Our confidentially-located shelter is available for survivors escaping domestic violence.  Shelter residents work closely with our advocates to meet goals they have such as housing or employment.  

We provide clients with the on-going support and resources that they need to develop their own plans and achieve their goals. We refer clients to Outreach for the following services: individual counseling, support groups, TPOs and legal advocacy, general community advocacy, referrals, resources, and ongoing support. 

Our bilingual advocate supports Spanish speaking survivors living in the emergency shelter or through our Outreach services and helps connect survivors to resources and services to meet needs.  Our bilingual advocate is a ‘mobile’ advocate, meaning they are able to meet in the community and where survivors feel safest and most comfortable.  

Everyone is welcome at our thrift store! The Thrift Store serves a very important role to Project Safe.  Project Safe clients are able to shop the store for free for the things they need.  Anyone is able to purchase items from the Thrift Store and sales from those items help fund our services.  

Breaking Silence is a Project Safe initiative that helps teens recognize and avoid unhealthy relationships by raising awareness of the dynamics of healthy, unhealth and abusive relationships.