Volunteer at Project Safe

As an organization that began through the dedication of compassionate volunteers, Project Safe continues to deeply value every contribution made by volunteers. Volunteers make it possible for Project Safe to provide survivors of domestic violence with more extensive services than our small staff could provide alone, and volunteers bring energy, enthusiasm, diversity, and new skills to our team. Our volunteer program is always growing.  Volunteers contributed more than 5000 hours of donated time in 2022.


Become a Volunteer:

Download a Project Safe Volunteer Application or fill out an online application. For more information on volunteering at Project Safe, please email volunteer.projectsafe@gmail.com.

Because of the safety needs of our clients and the sensitivity surrounding the issue of domestic violence, all volunteers must complete a background check and agree to follow our policies and procedures as explained during training and orientation sessions.   Volunteers in direct service positions are required to receive formal domestic violence training before beginning. Training sessions are scheduled on a needs basis.

Volunteer Opportunities:

A majority of the volunteer opportunities below necessitate a high level of commitment and responsibility. Please keep in mind that the available positions for each listed volunteer opportunity are limited. However, we are dedicated to exercising the unique skills and interests of everyone from our community who is interested in helping Project Safe.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines:  All volunteers are required to abide by current local ordinances regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19.  

This listing is regularly updated as new positions become available.

Meal Donors

Meal donors provide homecooked meals to support groups and shelter residents. Not confident in your cooking abilities? You can pick up a to-go order from your favorite restaurant or donate a restaurant gift card. *Currently our greatest need is during Superhero Camp week, July 24-28th. Help us provide lunch for our Superheroes!

Childcare Volunteer

Childcare volunteers help provide children with a safe environment to learn, engage in group or play and have fun while a caregiver is engaged in their goal-related work such as going on a job interview or having a case management meeting. 

Thrift Store Volunteer

Under the guidance of staff, thrift store volunteers help process donations, prepare items to display on the sales floor, organize shopping aisles, or help customers with their purchases. The store is located at 995 Hawthorne Avenue in Bell’s shopping plaza and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 am-5 pm. 

Thrift Store Group Volunteer

Groups assist with sorting donations, preparing items to display on the sales floor, and organizing displays and shelves.  Larger groups (more than 10) can schedule to volunteer on Sundays when the store is closed, and smaller groups (less than 10) are able to schedule when the store is open, Monday – Saturday between 11-5.  To schedule a group, please email volunteer.projectsafe@gmail.com

Community Service or Service Project Volunteers

Project Safe accepts community service volunteers at the Thrift Store.  Once approved, community service volunteers can complete hours anytime that the store is open, Monday – Saturday from 11am-5pm.  The steps to get started are below:

  • Complete an application.  Applications can be accessed through this link.
  • Once you have completed the application, you will be contacted to schedule an orientation session.
  • Attend the orientation session, which consists of a tour, an overview of tasks to be completed, paperwork, and a background check consent. The background check fee is $3. 
  • After the completed paperwork is received, the background check will be completed.  The background check can take up to two weeks to be returned.  We cannot accept anyone with theft or violence charges on their background report. 
  • Once your background check is returned, we will contact you and let you know you are cleared to begin volunteering. 
  • Note: You can only begin completing hours once these steps have been completed.  

If you are interested in interning, please visit the intern page to see what opportunities are available. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram or periodically check here for updates on their status.

Last updated: 4/25/2023