Because everyone deserves to be safe in their homes and in their relationships.

Project Safe’s confidentially located emergency shelter serves people of any gender identity who are experiencing domestic violence. The shelter features 22-beds which include 4 family units and 6 individual units. Our shelter is equipped with several staff including a Children’s Advocate and a Shelter Life Coordinator. The trained shelter staff provide support to the residents at shelter through individual advocacy meetings, house meetings, and support groups.

The Shelter Life Coordinator plans a variety of activities, ranging from educational to social, to create a positive atmosphere at shelter. The Children’s Advocate works to ensure all children in Shelter have their needs met, improve their social and emotional skills through weekly groups, and plan games and activities.  

At the Shelter, we can provide the residents with toiletries, linens, food, and even clothing because many of our supplies are generously donated by community members and local businesses. 

To access shelter, an individual must call the hotline and speak with an advocate.