Shelter Supply Needs

Our 24/7 Emergency Shelter is always in need of items to keep it running smoothly and to ensure that our residents are supplied with all of the basic necessities needed to thrive in this safe space during their 90 day stay at the Project Safe Shelter. For our family-specific list, click here. Below is a list of our shelter’s current needs (*** indicates current greatest need):

Our shelter is still in great need of PAPER TOWELS***
Triple A and Double A batteries
Ethnic haircare products ***. 
Multipurpose cleaner ***
Dish detergent ***
Disinfectant wipes ***
Sunscreen ***
Larger sizes of diapers and pull ups ***
Toilet paper ***
Women’s AND men’s deodorant 
Body spray/perfume
Wool dryer balls
Pillows and pillow cases 
Women’s underwear: sizes 6-8 
Air freshener 
Earbuds/headphones ***
Adult backpacks
HEAVY DUTY trash bags 
Movie gift cards (for field trips) *
Gift cards to restaurants (for field trips) *
Gas giftcards *
Grocery giftcards *
Bras-all sizes 
Maternity vitamins
Epson Salt 
Flavored coffee creamer 
Rubber gloves
Scrubbing sponges 
Window cleaner
School/office supplies- post-it notes, highlighters, pens, sheet protectors, dividers, backpacks (adult), sharpies, markers, notecards
Gallon sized ziplocbags
Door mats
Bathroom mats

Donations can always be dropped off at our Thrift Store at 995 Hawthorne Ave., Athens, GA 30606 anytime Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm and on Sundays from 1pm-6pm. This list is updated monthly on the Project Safe Facebook page. Thank you for supporting survivors through your generous donations 💜