Project Safe works to end domestic violence through crisis intervention, ongoing supportive services, systems change advocacy, and prevention and education in the community. 

Reason # 21 to tell us…
Who Are You Thinking Of when you donate to the Project Safe thrift store?
The Project Safe thrift store greatly relies on the generosity of our community. Because of that generosity, Project Safe clients can shop at the thrift store for free.
Thrift Store accepts donations M-Sat 11am-5pm.
Thrift Store phone: (706) 425-8863
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WAYTO GO, Jessica! 🎉

Jessica is a #WAYTO donor thinking of the love and positive energy that she shares with 14 dear friends. Thank you for celebrating those connections by supporting Project Safe each month!

Who Is Jessica Thinking Of?

"I’m thinking of the girls that I used to work with, who created a girls-only GroupMe as we all became so close at work. Despite many of us no longer working together, our girls-only chat is still very active.

The women I worked with all lift each other up and show up for each other in so many ways, even as many of us go different ways. I’m thankful for the positivity and support that they bring to my life, so I’m donating $14 for the 14 girls in our girls-only work chat."
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Community Shout-Out: ARTini’s Art Lounge
A DV Awareness and Art Collaboration.
What? Through an Open Window is a gallery initiative that helps bring awareness to Domestic Violence through making and viewing artwork. It recognizes and honors DV survivors. ARTini’s has been the host of this special event since 2011. When? ARTini’s hosted a free event at their art lounge off of Prince Ave. It invited people to try their hand at illustrating what domestic violence means to them. Last year, this took place on Sept. 23rd, 2019. Due to COVID-19, we are unable to have this event this year. We will miss this creative way to celebrate survivors and we are looking forward to next year!
Events like Through an Open Window bring the community together to support survivors. To continue to celebrate survivors and honor healthy relationships this year, can you tell us Who Are You Thinking of?
Who Are You Thinking Of? Is our way of honoring and spreading positivity about healthy relationships, while raising money for the survivors of domestic violence we work with.
Text ‘WAYTO’ to 41444 to donate, or check out our other #wayto posts for more instructions!
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A 2008 publication by the ACLU reads, "Studies from across the country confirm the connection between domestic violence and homelessness and suggest ways to end the cycle in which violence against women leads to life on the streets."

We understand that leaving an abusive relationship is not a simple decision. No matter what, everyone deserves to feel safe where they live – Project Safe can provide temporary shelter.

For a shelter screening, call the hotline at 706-543-3331.
You can also text us at 706-765-8019.
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