Project Safe is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working to end domestic violence through prevention and educational programs, crisis intervention, ongoing supportive services for survivors of domestic violence and their children, and advocacy/ systems change work in our community.

Founded in Athens, GA first as a network of safe houses, and later as a confidentially located emergency shelter and hotline, Project Safe has expanded over the years to better meet the needs of those seeking to put the pain and horror of abuse behind them.

Today, our services range from short term crisis counseling on the hotline to long term support through our Follow Up and Rapid Re-Housing programs. Although the majority of our clients come from Athens and the surrounding area, we’re a routing point for a national hotline and assist women and children from across Georgia and out of state.

Our approach to the fight against domestic violence combines the energy of the heart with a commitment to evaluation and attention to operational efficiencies. (See our annual report available on this website for outcome data). 90 cents of every dollar contributed to Project Safe goes to programs and services directly benefiting survivors and their children. We keep overhead costs low by utilizing volunteers and student interns, seeking in-kind donations of goods and services rather than purchasing them, and sharing tasks such as answering the telephone instead of employing an office manager or administrator.

Our staff takes every opportunity to educate the public about violence against women. Our presentations range from short talks about domestic violence and local resources to half and full-day training sessions on dynamics, lethality factors, and safety planning. Please call 706-549-0922 to arrange a speaker for your church group, youth group, business, civic group, or classroom.

Project Safe’s emergency shelter is confidentially located, but we conduct outreach services at the Family Protection Center on Lexington Rd.

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  2. Brandy

    Dear Project Safe,

    My class selected your organization to make a donation, and they wonder how long you have been open?

    • Joan Prittie

      Thank you! We’ve been incorporated as a nonprofit since 1991, but existed as a volunteer network going all the way back to the 1970’s.

    • Joan Prittie

      Hi, Brandy! Wow – thank you so much for choosing Project Safe. We’re honored! Our organization was incorporated in 1991 but has existed as a volunteer organization since the 1970’s:)

  3. Renee Nicole Seligman

    Good Evening, I am a student here at UGA doing a project on your nonprofit organization, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about your organization.
    What does the structure of your organization look like? I know that you guys are made up of a board of directors, along with an executive director, but how does that look on a day to day basis in regard to communication and organizational structure? How often does the board of directors change, and what does that process look like?
    Can you tell me a little bit about your by-laws? How often are they evaluated and updated? Do you guys utilize committees?
    If you are willing to share, can you tell me a little bit about your marketing strategies, for both clients, current or past donors, and potential donors?
    And, Lastly, how has this nonprofit been impacted by COVID-19 both financially and logistically?
    Thank you so much for your time,
    Renee Seligman

    • StephanieMolkentin

      Hi Renee,
      Thank you for your interest in Project Safe! Our Community Involvement and Volunteer Coordinator will be reaching out to you.

  4. Sherrilyn Chiu

    Dear Joan Prittie, I have some Avon products that I would like to donate directly to the women at the shelter so that they can feel pampered during this holiday season. The products include full-sized body lotions and body washes, as well as lipsticks and nail polishes, among other things. I really want to give these products directly to the women rather than having them sold through the thrift store. Storage shouldn’t be an issue as there aren’t that many products but enough so that hopefully they will all receive something. It’s important to me that they each receive a little something. Please let me know how I can get the products to the shelter.

    • StephanieMolkentin

      Hi Sherrilyn! Thanks for thinking of Project Safe. Donations can be taken to the Project Safe Thrift Store M-Sat 11am-5pm and please indicate they are for shelter. They will be set aside for shelter and not sold. Thank you!

  5. Sherrilyn Chiu

    Thank you, Stephanie. I’ve just dropped off 5 boxes at the store marked for the shelter, marked attention to you. There is also a card for the ladies who are currently staying at the shelter. Thank you for the work you all do for these women and children.

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